Extract Essence is a trait that grants a spell upon the destruction of a defense tower. Each tower gives a different spell, and each can determine the battle outcome. Spells like Chain Lighting grant a random spell within the destroyed towers. Spell Flux won't give a new spell based on the targeted tower. Towers destroyed by Freeze won't grant a new spell. Every time a spell is stolen, half a Rage bar is gained.

Spell stolen

Lumber Mill - Cure Poison

Sheep Farm - Rejuvenate

Totems - Rejuvenate

Archer Tower - Southern Cross (Light)

Cannon Tower - Uproot (5 second cooldown after reverting to Extract Essence)

Storm Tower - Northern Lights (Light)

Ballista - Wind Wall

Trebuchet - Earthquake (5 second cooldown before reverting to Extract Essence)

Lightning Tower - Chain Lightning

Red Mage Tower - Reverse Projectiles

Blue Mage Tower - Shield Blast

Ice Turret - Chaos

Fire Turret - Spell Flux

Dragon Perches - Southern Cross (Light)

Dark Flak Tower - Vampiric Touch

Fire Flak Tower - Chaos

Ice Flak Tower - Freeze

Electro-Flak Tower - Chain Lightning

Earth Flak Tower - Northern Lights (Light)

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