Dragons Den L4

Dragon's Den Level 4

This magnificent stone building is central to the core of your isle and is warmly lit with golden light, the interior has a stone dais, blazing

fires and elegant stained glass windows. From within you may swap dragon's in and out of the fighting roster, train dragon's and view their attributes.

The Dragon's Den must be upgraded to enable dragons to to gain higher levels. As this requires a great deal of lumber the Dragon's Den is dependent on the Storage Hut's capacity to advance.

Level Min Level TIme Cost EXP
1 3s 720
2 3s 1,716 0
3 3s 3,888
4 3s
5 3s 8112
6 3s 27,405
7 3s 39,168
8 3s
9 3s 69,120
10 3s 76,800
11 37 3s 88,320
12 43 3s 99,840
13 49 3s
14 56 3s
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